Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Journeys

The Journeys is intended to be a series of CD’s, which is as distinctly original as it is a shattering of the usual in various music genres. The listener will be hard-pressed to categorize the musical landscape. It involves various eclectic beats and rhythms that place the listener in more than one experience, at the same time. It imprints an impression of a worldscape in tandem with a human in development. There’s a movement that changes and reshapes itself so much as to reflect the mystery of life as ever changing. It will involve the listener emotionally, touch something within them deeply, and leave them wanting to listen again to catch all the intricate sounds that make their experience a new journey, each time.“Encounters” is the very first in this series, laying a foundation for all that is to follow. So to you the listener get ready and experience a real musical journey into the unknown.

Realease Date April 25 2008